Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tires

I was off the bike for a couple of weeks until last Saturday. Part of this was the tire casing failure on my Kestrel, and the other part had to do with the post-ride soreness in my left knee.

The orthopedic surgeon I consulted with about my knee has told me to keep riding and asked me to start some PT (though I haven't, yet), so I've started using the rollers again. To let me use the Kestrel, I picked up a pair of Vittoria Rubino Pro tires. I haven't tried them on the road, yet (soon!), but they're pretty impressive on the rollers. They roll so well, in fact, that I found myself training one gear higher than with the last set of tires. I'm also averaging one MPH faster after a two week hiatus, which doesn't make any sense, if all else were equal.

They're orange, which doesn't harmonize with the red and yellow of the Kestrel so much as clash, but I don't really care about that. They were a decent price (orange), and they work really nicely.

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