Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training Without my Look Pedals

My knee has been aching after my roller sessions. Left knee -- the one that was scoped to remove some damaged cartilege, following an MS-200 ride with a misaligned cleat, years ago. Knee aches make me wary, so the other night I swapped my Look pedals for a set of one-sided MKS track pedals. These had been on my daughters' the trailer bike before I bought a set of double-sided pedals for it, late last season. They are simple and narrow, and have no toe clips or straps of any kind.

I tried them during my Wed AM workout, yesterday, with a set of well-lugged trail-running shoes that "lock in" to the MKS pedals pretty nicely. They took zero getting used to -- didn't feel funny or disconnected at all. And I wasn't any slower over the 10 miles than I normally am, including the mile I try to sustain 22mph.

I'm not sure I'll go back. The Kestrel is the last bike I'm using clipless pedals on, and I like them -- don't get me wrong. But I like my knees, too. And the $50 I'd spend for the fitting appointment would spend just as easily on a new set of tires and tubes, for which I'm currently trolling the closeout sections of Nashbar and Performance.

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