Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parts Trays/Tool Trays

The next revision to my home made bicycle work stand.

These are a pair of 8" cake pans that had once served me well for making cakes and pot pies and stuff like that. But their non-stick coating was at some point along the way destroyed by using them to heat up egg rolls, pizza bagels -- stuff like that. Wasn't me, but here's a tip -- use ceramic Corning dishes for that kind of stuff, not nice, non-stick baking pans.

Back to the trays. So the pans got trashed, and then where the coating was removed, they rusted, so they weren't even suitable for heating bad food anymore. I'd tucked them away -- not sure why -- and then last week thought of them when considering the benefits of parts trays attached to my work stand.

These are heavy pans, and you can see that I potato-chipped them pretty good smashing in a small arc on their circumference to mate with the stand's support pole (I had no form to hammer them against). But that's really no concern -- we're not talking about cakes, we're talking about temporarily holding parts and tools while I work. Next, I drilled them on my press with one round and one oblong hole on either side of the smashed part, spaced to accept a U-bolt. The U-bolt was in turn sized to fit the stand's support pole. Installing them took mere minutes, and I settled on the angled-forward, roughly the same height layout you see here.

Easy, effective and proven handy already.

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