Monday, March 16, 2009

What else have I missed?

I've had my Mazda3 just over three years, and it's got just over 90,000 miles. A couple of Fridays back, Lowell was hit by a comet or something, and we lost power at the office. I finally left at 4:00, and took off early for the weekend, walking to the (unlit) garage. As I approached the Mazda, I hit the fob to unlock the car, and saw something about the car I'd never seen before. A couple of tries with my iPhone's crappy camera and I caught it for you, too.

It took the combination of a power outage and a random decision to back into my spot to finally see this light pattern -- after three years. Makes me wonder what else I'm missing. Knowing how to rotate pictures on Blogger, for example...

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