Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning

My parts box overrunneth. Actually, it had become three parts boxes, two of which overan. Time for spring cleaning. Time for eBay, in many cases, too. I'm going to keep anything that might work on a road bike to be built for Ava in a couple of years, but most everthing else is going:

I have three cranksets I'm never going to use. One is the kids' Ashtabula crankset that came on the trailer bike. I suspect this will end up in a lot of miscellaneous stuff on eBay or at a yard sale. I also don't need the original Shimano crankset from my wife's Bianchi (alloy arms, steel triple chainrings 30/40/50, I believe), which would be great on a train station bike in a hilly area. And though I'm sorry to let it go, I have the early '90's 600 Ultegra crank that came on Juli's Fuji (I put on a crankset with shorter arms for her). It has seen some use, with shoe scuffs, and it has a set of modern SR chainrings on it, not the originals, but it's a nice and lightweight crank. I also have a spare 42-tooth 130 bcd chainring. It's a pre-Ultegra 600 part and it's very nicely made.

Bottom brackets:
I have a pile of these -- three cup and cone models of different grades from Shimano, that were original to various bikes (the Kestrel, Bianchi and Fuji, I think). All have fresh balls and grease in them and just need to be installed. I also have a set of French Sugino cups and a BB-UN52 cartridge bottom bracket in 128mm, with English threading. I think I ended up with that when I ordered a 118, but was sent the wrong one. I didn't notice at the time, but after I'd used it a while, I found that it made my knees ache. So I measured it, scowled a little, and then off it came. Fortunately, I had also ordered a 108 separately (from the same vendor) and been sent a 118 instead. So I just had to move the 118 over to replace the 128, and then go buy a 108 at a bike shop.

I have two sets of basic mountain bike levers to clear out; one a Suntour and the other a Shimano. And I have one pair of basic Shimano sidepull calipers (originally on the Bianchi) that are missing one cable clamp. I also have an old but very clean set of Schwinn Approved Dia-Compe 610 centerpull brake calipers and a nearly new Dia Compe 750 centerpull brake. These all look pretty good, but I didn't like how they felt. Finally, I have a set of Mafac pads and holders that came with my NOS Mafacs, but which I didn't use (in favor of a set of Kool Stops in salmon). Keeping the pre-Ultegra 600 brakes and Dia Compe compact levers for Ava -- good stuff, those.

I have a set of 6-speed Shimano indexed shifters (originally from my Shogun) and a set of Ultegra 8-speed bar end shifters. Much to my chagrin, they don't index cleanly with 7-speed cassettes, and I didn't like the feel of their friction mode, so off these go.

I have a basic Shimano alloy front derailleur that came on the Fuji. This one is as much steel as aluminum, but it looks fine. It's designed for a cable to run all the way to it, so it's good for older bikes without cable routing provisions. I also have an older pre-Ultegra 600 front derailleur that I'm going to unload. It doesn't match the Ultegra derailleur that I'll keep for Ava.

I have a set of Look Carbon Pro pedals (my first clipless pedals, actually) and a similar set of Performance Roubaix pedals (made by Look). These two were bought for the Shogun and Kestrel, respectively, and then I bought a third pair for spinning classes that are now on the Kestrel (they're Performance Roubaix as well, and the newest of the trio). But I've been experimenting with different pedal styles since, and though I love the Looks for a workout bike (like the Kestrel), I wouldn't wear those shoes when towing my kids or just tooling around. So I really don't need these two anymore. I also have a set of alloy-bodied, steel-caged mountain pedals that I think came originally on my Trek mountain bike. I'm going to keep a set of MKS track pedals for Ava.

Not keeping any of these. I have a black Cannondale road bar with a 31.8 clamp, that I bought on eBay, not realizing it was a fat-clamp bar. I've no use for it whatsoever. I have a set of 3ttt track bars that came on the Bertoni I'm fixing up with a friend -- these are used and gummy with tape, but they'd clean up very nicely. They're just not my thing. I have a set of kids' riser bars and a multi-adjustable stem original to the trailer bike.

I have a cheap gooseneck stem that looks very much like an old Schwinn stem from a Stingray or balloon tired cruiser. It has the right stem dimension for my Sports Tourer (for which it was bought), and it's even alloy, not forged steel. It fit the Schwinn's steerer tube, but I couldn't thread a road bar through its clamp, and I didn't want to run a straight bar. I also have an incomplete (no quill or quill bolt) Pivo stem that might do someone with a pile of old French stems some good.

Seat post:
I have a Felt carbon 27.2 seatpost that I bought for the Kestrel, but decided not to use.

I have a spare Kestrel EMS fork for a very small frame (I had it on the Bianchi for a bit, before I made that a 650B bike), and a spare alloy fork that was original to my Kestrel. And I'll shortly have a nice old Motobecane fork, that will work just fine on a frameset with a smaller head tube.

And there's a lot more. A few hundred bucks' worth on eBay, if I'm lucky. If you want to buy any of this stuff, let me know, and we can work something out.

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