Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I started a post on Sunday about the build I've got underway with the Motobecane, but somehow I lost it.  No big deal -- was still pretty rough.  And in truth the build still has a ways to go, and I probably shouldn't rush that post anyway.  Later... later.

I am inching indirectly forward on that build, though, by making progress lacing wheels for two other bikes!  I have laced Juliana's tubular wheelset (above), and the front wheel for Allyson's Puch, and I'll lace the rear in a demo for both Allyson and my kids on Thursday night.  So when I next step into class on Sunday night, I'll have two 3-cross laced wheelsets to begin tensioning, truing and stress-relieving.  Most exciting is that I laced the front wheel for Allyson here at home, and I pretty much remembered what to do.  I did peek at Jobst Brandt's book here and there, for reassurance, but didn't have to undo anything along the way.

One of the wheelsets these will land on the Motobecane.  I'm growing more and more convinced it will be the more modern wheelset (105 hubs, Velocity rims), and that I won't swap them out over time.  But time will tell.

I also repacked the coaster brake hub the other morning, which was easy and fun.  That hub will ultimately be laced into an alternate rear wheel for the Motobecane, as well.  I even found online a close match in a Velocity rim to the ones on the 105 hubs, for a reasonable cost.  Fun!

So:  Indirect progress on the Motobecane, apparent wheel-building knowledge retention, a (surprisingly gritty and stiff) repacked Bendix 76 coaster brake hub, and eyeballs on a Velocity rim to lace it into.  Not a bad set of achievements, without actually working at all on the Motobecane itself.

Next time I'll remember to save the post more often, though.

All for now,


Update, 2/1:  I laced the rear wheel last night, as I mentioned I would.  And it became less of a demo than a group effort.  My younger daughter, Ava, was eager to try lacing some spokes, and seemed to really enjoy the process.  Allyson also participated, lacing a bunch of the spokes up.  Even Juliana, who started out paying no attention at all, focused instead on her iPod, eventually asked to lace a few spokes.  OK, so I'm a bike geek, sure, but I have to say it was a lot of fun to share the experience with all.

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