Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers and Daughters

I always though that I was a father committed to cycling with his daughters. This guy beats me hands-down.

Picture is from Florence. Allyson and I were walking down Via Nazionale, I think it was, and this guy came along with his daughter, turning onto the sidestreet, here (which might have been Guelfa -- Allyson would be more trustworthy on that than me). He was somehow remaining upright, with her sitting this way and her bike laying across his front carrier, in case you couldn't quite make that out. I snapped it with my iPhone right after they stopped so that he could get a lick of her gelato cone. She was assessing the damage, I think, or perhaps just calculating her next move, as he started out again.

I didn't pay much attention to the bike in the moment, but if you look closely at it, it looks to have been designed to carry two children plus the rider. That thing in front of him holding her bike looks like a child seat set into a dedicated carrier that's part of the frame, and the frame seems designed to hold up her sissy bar perch as well. If the bike plus his cargo and passenger added up to less than 100 lbs, I'd be shocked.

I was a day late in posting this to make Father's Day, but it still seems appropriate...

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