Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crash Remedies

Because I need the bike for Tuscany, I haven't wasted any time trying to get the Schwinn rolling again since the crash yesterday.

I picked up a new set of gloves and a new wheelset from Harris Cyclery yesterday. I don't like the external-cam QR skewers that came with the wheels, but I have a spare set of Campagnolo skewers that I can try. The Quanta sealed-bearing hubs seem to spin just fine, and the Sun CR-18 rims (triple box) should be stronger, though heavier, than the lightweight Mavics that were on there. The Schwinn is a touring/all around bike, so strong is good. But the trashed wheelset (which had come with the Motobecane) was pretty nice -- Steven didn't go cheap when he bought it years ago.

I've also rigged up a solution for the bag-ejection problem that triggered the crash. I took an old but unused toe clip strap and slipped it behind the bag mount part of the decaleur, with the spring clip positioned at the top for easy access. It's more or less permanently part of the bag setup now, and matches the black nylon of the bag. It takes only moments to run down and around the back loop of the little Specialites T/A bag support when I put the bag on the bike, or to undo when I take it off. The decaleur isn't truly quick release with this setup, but the extra time is well worth keeping the bag where it belongs. If you're using a decaleur, I strongly recommend that you do something similar -- a little searching revealed others have had similar issues.

I also hit the local Apple Store yesterday, and they replaced my iPhone, rather than try to replace the glass. Fortunately, that was a flat-rate sort of thing, and it was only $200. My left shoulder has quieted down some, as have my knees, though I need to stock up on giant Band-Aids today. My right rotator cuff is not happy, but that shouldn't slow down my riding, at least.

As for other bike fixes, the damage was surprisingly light. The fenders required the tiniest bit of tweaking -- likewise the brake levers and handlebar stem. It won't be hard to put right, but yesterday was an expensive day.

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