Thursday, July 9, 2009

Schwinn Cruiser

Someone talk me out of this.

I've been thinking about getting an old Schwinn straight-bar cruiser (like this one in a picture cribbed from eBay) and doing the following:

  • Tearing it all down (though this one is pretty naked already)

  • Getting a set of 650B rims laced to modern hubs -- possibly a drum front and an internally geared rear, possibly with a rear coaster brake. Maybe a decent Panaracer 650B road tire.

  • Nitto dove bars with shellacked cork grips

  • Aluminum stem

  • Brooks saddle

  • MRP Ashtabula converter to a 3-pc bottom bracket

  • 3-piece crankset and single chainring

  • Wald basket up front and possibly out back

(Rhetorical) Question is, would it still be an unwieldy tank to ride, or would it be even slightly rehabilitated by all this stuff? I'm sure someone has already answered that question, actually.

The other question is whether I need another project right now, which I can answer unequivocally "No." But that's rarely stopped me before...

In any case, I'm sure it's a ridiculous notion -- probably also very pretentious. But there's something tugging at me, there.

All for now,


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Anonymous said...

After you've done all that I would put an an electric motor on it in case it is too heavy to peddle far. Good luck